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ABOUT Micro-Filtration

ClearFry provides a regular, scheduled night service to filter your fryer oil and clean your fryers exceptionally well.


1. Our insured technician arrives at your restaurant service entrance after your kitchen has closed for the night and enters with his own key and individual alarm code.


2. The technician checks the oil condition in each fryer with an 6 oz. ladle to determine if a filtration or dump is required – our goal is to filter as frequently as possible, however when fryer oil is at the end of it’s life cycle, it can not be micro-filtered and needs to be replaced to ensure consistent food quality.


3. The technician turns on the fryers that require filtration and returns to the van to unload the shopping-cart sized filtration unit and vacuum equipment.


4. While the oil is heating up to 300-350'F for filtration, any spent oil is dumped safely and cleanly into steel pails. This oil is removed from your restaurant at no additional cost. The need for an unsightly and messy oil waste barrels or bins is unnecessary with our waste oil removal service.


5. The fryer is shut off and hot oil is drawn from the fryer into our filtration unit where it cycles through a 5” thick paper filter cartridge for approximately 15 minutes. No additives or agents are ever added to the oil with ClearFry service.


6. Once the oil is removed from the fryer, food debris is vacuumed out into our stainless steel high temperature vacuum.


7. A light food safe degreaser is sprayed on sparingly, if it’s needed, and the inside of the fryer is thoroughly scoured and deep cleaned. Removing blackened food and baked on carbon, returns the fryer to nearly new condition and ensures your filtered oil lasts as long as possible in your cleaned fryer.


8. Backplates are removed, cleaned and re-installed.


9. The fryer is completely vacuumed again and wiped out with cloth rags leaving you with a very very clean fryer.

Boil outs are eliminated!


10. Your micro-filtered oil is returned to the fryer.


11. Our technician repeats this process for each fryer and can cascade the oil from one fryer to the next if you wish. We understand the need for certain fryers to have the best oil for fries or fish. Dumped fryers are refilled and topped up with your oil.


12. Our technician cleans his work area, leaving you with crystal clear oil and remarkably clean fryers that are ready to go in the morning.


Our service is always tailored to each customer’s specific needs in order to maximize the effectiveness of our service and boost your oil savings.

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