Micro-Filtration of Cooking Oil

ClearFry provide scheduled, once or twice weekly fryer cleaning service for restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens.


With twice weekly service ClearFry can provide a full fryer management service which includes oil filtration, fryer cleaning, all oil dumping and refilling your fryer with your oil.


Apart from daily skimming and top up, we manage your fryers and produce a 30%-50% reduction in oil consumption while you enjoy spotless fryers.

Call for a free oil use analysis to see how helpful our services can be to your bottom line.

Collection of Waste Cooking Oil

ClearFry provides free oil collection service to hundreds of clients.

We are Ottawa's largest independent waste oil collection company and guarantee Ottawa's best and fastest service.

Our trucks are on the road 6 days a week to keep your barrels empty.

We schedule weekly, bi-weekly automatic or on-call collection so you always have dumping capacity

We provide free, clean, sealable plastic or steel barrels. We can also provide 240L rolling bins.

We pick up oil in original pails or jibs if you have no space for an oil bin or a cranky landlord.

Barrels can be stored inside or outside.

Free 4 wheeled rolling barrel dollies can be provided if it helps your oil dumping procedures. Theatres and institutional kitchens can save time and reduce spill risk with this moveable barrel benefit.

We are happy to provide seasonal service to golf courses, marinas and chip wagons.

Grease Trap Cleaning

We partner with Ottawa's leading grease trap cleaning company and can often provide free grease trap cleaning in exchange for your waste cooking oil. This is dependant on your waste oil output. A quick review of your output can determine the credit we can apply to your trap service.



ClearFry is a 12 year old Ottawa based kitchen services company specializing in waste cooking oil collection and the micro-filtration of deep fryer oil and vacuum based cleaning of deep fryers.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding and self-financing environmental service to our clients through a combination of labour and oil savings.

Cleaner oil, cleaner fryers, better frying practices, better control, combined to ensure better tasting food while realizing real oil savings.

Our trained and uniformed staff do their specialized jobs very well and we strive to help kitchens be more efficient and stay cleaner, safer and happier.


Always clean fryers.

Consistently better food quality.

Improved employee morale with reduced fryer maintenance.

Safer working conditions and reduced risk of staff burns or injury by limiting exposure to hot oil. Reduce your WSIB claims!

An environmentally friendly service that reduces oil production, shipping, usage and waste packaging while recycling the oil for bio-diesel or animal feed.




For any inquiries, questions or to get a quote, please contact:


Louis Sirois - Rideau Filter Group

Tel: 613-850-4645



We have 1 position open.

Looking for a mature and stable employee with the following skills 
-mechanically inclined and able to run and maintain pump equipment and vehicles 
-able to drive safely, reverse, park and navigate a large pick up truck 
-experience running mechanical equipment 


- must have clean driving abstract and be insurable 
-must know the city of Ottawa - particularly downtown and east Ottawa 
-able to work independently and problem solve as well as cooperate with others and customers
-must project a polite and customer friendly image and demeanour 
-able to prioritize and reprioritize on the go 
-able to speak read write and text in English 
-willing to communicate by cel phone and text 

-Ideally Monday to Friday 
30-40 daytime hours per week 

flexible hours, early hours are possible
Regardless of weather 

Job description; 
This position is for a driver and warehouse person. 

My 12 year old, established environmental company collects waste cooking oil from 100+ restaurants in Ottawa. 
I have a large pick up truck with a vacuum tank on the flatbed. 
We work from a list and from daily client requests to pick up their waste oil within 12-24 hours. 
This job requires a strong, fit and able person who can; 
Lift heavy objects 
Tilt and roll on edge heavy barrels 
Haul pipes and hoses 
Climb up and down from a flat bed truck repeatedly throughout the day 
2+ half days will be spent in the warehouse: 
Cleaning barrels 
Organizing barrels and lids 
Cleaning and repairing equipment 
Cleaning warehouse floor and yard 
Cleaning trucks 
This is a fairly messy job and can be smelly as well. 

Work clothes will be provided.

Laundry machines available onsite. 

To apply for a job with ClearFry, please send a short cover letter together with your C.V. to: 


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